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Mt. Timpanogos Temple, photo by Rick Satterfield, used with permission

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Lied! :)

I forgot that I needed to report that our Grove Creek Family History Center has the Family History Library edition of I had reported that it was the Library Edition, but I checked it today and the title page says "Family History Library Edition." For those of you who want to know the difference, please go to the Ancestry Insider Blog (22 February 2011)  for an explanation! Woo Hoo! Is that a word? Anyway, lets get crackin'! We have all heard many moans and groans from patrons that have missed in the family history center. Now is the time to bring them all back! Please announce or put this in your ward bulletin so that ward members are aware of this change. For those of you who aren't family consultants, we'd love to see you in the Grove Creek FHC.

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