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Mt. Timpanogos Temple, photo by Rick Satterfield, used with permission

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Digitally Preserving Your "Stuff, Part 2

Last week I wrote about preserving your information digitally. Well, actually, I pointed you to a really great article written by someone else with a whole lot more knowledge and authority than me. If you liked Part 1, you need to now catch Part 2Thanks to Gary Wright for these two articles! Gives me lots to think about!

Do you have books like these? (public domain)

You may want to run them through this! (public domain)
There are many ways to digitize your important items. Check out local libraries, universities, and local genealogy societies. You should be able to get some direction from those sources.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy 24th of July Everyone!

The 24th of July isn't a recognized holiday except in Utah. This is the day we honor our pioneer ancestors who crossed the plains so that we, as a people, could practice our religion in peace. Kind of like what the Pilgrims did when they left England so that they could worship how they wished. Anyway, I was reading the FamilySearch blog today and the latest post talks about preserving your records digitally. I was intrigued because I think a lot about this AND I wish that I had records from my ancestors that I could look at, read, and glimpse into their lives. I want my records to live beyond me! I may not have a glamorous life, but I do have a great life!

If you want some really great advice on how to preserve your records so that they may outlive you, you need to read this post! Hopefully, it will be a jumping off point to get you started!

Happy 24th of July!

Friday, July 19, 2013

FamilySearch Certified Programs

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We may mourn PAF, but there are other programs available including Ancestral Quest, which is the natural extension to PAF. In Ancestral Quest, you can use either a PAF database or an Ancestral Quest database!

Partner News-July 2013

Partner NewsFamilySearch is pleased to announce the first four Tree Share certified applications that are PAF compatible: Ancestral Quest, Celebrating Family History and MeLegacy Family Tree, and RootsMagic . RootsMagic is the first Tree Share Plus certified application. TenGenChart is now Tree Access certified. “Certified” means the product is compatible with and has features that conform to our strict standards of quality.
Tree Access Iconor Tree Access (tree read only) indicates that FamilySearch Family Tree data can be read from the partner’s application.
or Tree Connect (tree read and writing of sources) indicates that you can attach references about your ancestors to records, images, stories, and other media found on the internet. These attached sources of evidence can be viewed by anyone using FamilySearch Family Tree.
Tree Share Iconor Tree Share (full tree read and write) indicates that the partner’s product can reconcile tree data with FamilySearch.
or Tree Share Plus has the features of Tree Share and FamilySearch collaborative features including Discussions, Sources, and Change History.
Ancestral Quest and Ancestral Quest Basic are now Tree Share certified. Ancestral Quest is the easy-to-use, full-featured family tree program that received the “Most Comprehensive Syncing” award from FamilySearch. The Windows versions of PAF were created from an earlier version of Ancestral Quest, so PAF users will feel right at home using the screens, reports, and other functions. Ancestral QuestQ includes scores of new features not found in PAF, such as its Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System, which helps users keep their personal data in sync with temple records. Whether you are a PAF user looking for an upgrade, or a new user getting started, Ancestral Quest is the ideal program to help you organize your family tree.
Celebrating My Family Tree
Celebrating My Family Tree and Me is Tree Share  certified. Celebrating My Family Tree and Me offers elegant reports, charts, calendars, and customized printing; and unlimited storage of photos, sound clips, video clips, and other precious documents; generation of research books, slide shows, and scrapbooks. It provides simple notes and source citation entry and private online collaboration of group projects; and it imports data seamlessly from PAF and other genealogy programs.
Legacu Family Tree
Legacy Family Tree is now Tree Share  certified application.  Legacy Family Tree is the FREE genealogy software to organize, research, and publish your family’s tree. Use Legacy to print maps, get research suggestions, collaborate with other family members, cite your sources, publish books and shareable CDs, and do much more. Legacy makes it easy to work with FamilySearch and will measure your progress against the goals you set for temple work. Easily import from PAF and other programs. Get started today by downloading Legacy for free.
RootsMagic with Box
RootsMagic and RootsMagic Essentials are the first Tree Share  certified applications.  Winner of the FamilySearch award for “Easiest to Sync,” RootsMagic 6 genealogy software makes working with new FamilySearch a breeze, including reserving ordinances and creating temple trips. Import directly from PAF, new, and other programs. Take advantage of other features, such as running RootsMagic directly from a USB drive, SourceWizard, integrated web search, creating Shareable CDs, and much more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced genealogist, RootsMagic makes family history easy.
TenGenChart  is now Tree Access certified.  With one click, FamilySearch users are able to create circular 10 generation pedigree charts for themselves or family members. The site also permits users to upload GEDCOM 5 files to seed the chart. Easy to use, TenGenChart is always free and creates huge 4 6x 36-inch charts.
See these new products and previously certified products at
 DiamondThe diamond mark indicates products that were previously certified for
 Check MarkThe check mark indicates products that are now certified for Family Tree.
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