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Mt. Timpanogos Temple, photo by Rick Satterfield, used with permission

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2010-Resources for Family History Consultants

As consultants, we need to be constantly aware of the different resources that are coming to our aid. Here are a few new resources that you will want to play with.
#1 FamilySearch Labs (new technologies)
#2 FamilySearch Research
#3 FamilySearch
#4 Research Series Classes
     Roll over library tab
     Click on Education
     Click Family History Research Series Online
     Select a lesson

Monday, August 30, 2010

Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2010-The Future of FamilySearch

If you want to know what is coming up with FamilySearch, the Ancestry Insider's post for August 30, 2010 will give you the scoop! Here's the link:

Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2010-The Joy of Family History; How to Inspire Members and Leaders

Having a hard time inspiring people to do family history work? Saturday morning's session gave us some helps and tips to inspire others! "Joy is exhibited, not lectured!" Boy, do I like that! Tell people your inspiring stories instead of the difficulties that you encounter. Bear your testimony. Follow the Spirit as you decide what to do and where to focus. Help Priesthood leaders find joy in their family history and help youth and families catch the vision. Be patient and set small, short term goals! Don't overwhelm people with the whys and wherefores, just help them DO IT!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2010-Genealogy Gifts and Games by Kim Woodbury

Do you want to involve your family in your genealogy pursuits but all you get is the rolling of the eyes from them? Involve them in ways that they may not even realize! Kim talked all about gifts and games that you can create using your family history. Think about commercial games that are on the market. Can you adapt them? Think bingo, matching games, go fish, etc. Create calendars, alphabet books, or family yearbooks. With the advent of online publishing, creating these items has become so easy! Do you have a family cookbook? What about Christmas ornaments? As you can see, the sky is the limit! Get creative and think outside the box! Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!

Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2010-Crossing the Ocean with the Internet by Leslie Albrecht Huber

I attended this class and found it very informative! Leslie did a great job of making us aware of the online resources that are popping up constantly. We talked some about the U.S. Passenger Arrival Lists,,, and others. I also learned about some online indexes, such as European Passenger Departure Lists. I learned that families didn't always leave from the closest port so it pays to check different ports around the area. One of the best things I learned in this class is that Joe Beine has done some tremendous work and posted it for us to use. Here is a link to his site.

Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2010-Beacon of Bloggers

Those of us who are blogging about this conference go to sit in the exhibit hall and talk to people about blogging!  I won't say that I know everything there is to know about blogging, but I did spend considerable time teaching people how to set up a blog! Actually, I think I had the process down to three minutes flat! You too can create a family history blog. Ask yourself these questions before you get started. #1-Purpose of this blog, #2-Who is my audience, #3-What do I want to put on this blog (pictures, histories, etc.?) #4-Am I dedicated enough to keep this going? Once you get started, you need to let all of your family members know what you have created and you may even want to ask them to contribute to the family blog!
I didn't think to have someone take a picture of me while I was doing this! I guess this is where you get to use your imagination!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2010

The Salt Lake City Family History Expo opened with a bang! The Keynote Address was given by Thomas Kemp, who is the director of Genealogy Projects, NewsBank, Inc. The title of his address was "Let Your Light Shine!"
Mr. Kemp talked about how each one of us can make a difference! We need to share our genealogy online and push it out so that the information gets out there for others to enjoy. He mentioned that we need to "scrub" up our records to share. I took this to mean that we need to make them the best that we can, with proper citations, etc. Nothing is more frustrating than finding information that you have been looking for and then realizing that you have no idea if it is believable or not because there are no sources! Grrr!
Sharing our information can be done many different ways. Think Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, (use this to park your histories and such). Mr. Kemp even posted this talk so you can read it in full and see the PowerPoint presentation, Kemp, Thomas-Let Your Light Shine! If we will take the time to learn the technology, we can become that light that Mr. Kemp talked about! Remember, you CAN make a difference!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In the Mormon Times...

See what's being said about the Salt Lake Family History Expo 2010! Click on this link to read the article.

Tomorrow is the Day!

The Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2010 starts tomorrow at the South Town Exposition Center. Just looking at the schedule tells me that this expo is going to wonderful! Registration starts at 7:00 am (Nah! That's not early!). Please check your last newsletter from me (Rayanne) if you are a consultant at the Grove Creek FHC because it has a coupon for you to attend the consultant classes for free! Hope to see you there! You will definitely see me as I am going to be blogging about the Expo!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging at the Salt Lake Family History Expo!

This information if from the Salt Lake Family History Expo people themselves! It is going to be a wonderful two days! Can you tell I'm excited! Besides, I get to blog about the event! Hope to see you there!
As we get closer to the Salt Lake City Family History Expo (it’s in just 10 days, can you believe it?!) we wanted to let you know about some of the great speakers we have scheduled.
We hope you are as excited as we are to hear the presentations at Expo. Expo will feature notable speakers throughout the two days. Tom Kemp, Director of Genealogy Projects at NewsBank will start off the Expo by delivering his keynote address on the Expo theme, Let your Light Shine!

  Other notable speakers include:
  • Arlene Eakle, PhD, president and founder of The Genealogical Institute, Inc. Eakle is a consultant, lecturer, author and researcher specializing in the geographic areas of New York, Southern U.S., British Isles, Switzerland, and parts of Germany.
  • Kory Meyerink, Vice–President of ProGenealogists will speak on Pennsylvania German Research and Pennsylvania ancestors. 
  • Author Leslie Albrecht Huber will present on topics to help you trace your immigrant ancestors as well as sign copies of her book The Journey Takers.
Exhibitors will be at the event to offer hands-on demonstrations and techniques and technology to help researchers trace their roots.
You can read the program for the Salt Lake Family History Expo at
For those who are new Bloggers of Honor, we have attached our Blogger of Honor badge that can be added to your blog. We are excited to have you join us and hope you are too!

We look forward to seeing you at the Expo!
Holly T. Hansen

Family History
PO Box 187
Morgan, UT 84050
Phone: 801-829-3295
Twitter: @FHExpos

Salt Lake Family History Expo Coming Up!

I received this message a couple of days ago from FamilySearch and thought that this should be shared on this blog! Sounds like a wonderful event and I, for one, am going to be there!
Salt Lake City Family History Expo to Be Held in Sandy in August
Dear Family History Consultants, Priesthood Leaders, and Stake Directors:
We want to remind you of the upcoming Family History Expo event in Salt Lake City and also pass along some late-breaking information. Throughout the year we have been providing three key courses to consultants for free. We have just recently added a fourth free course. For this expo the new course will be squeezed in so that instead of three courses of consultant training between 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., there will be four. The courses are:
·         The Joy of Family History: How to Inspire Members and Leaders
·         Meeting the Support Needs of the Family History Community
·         New Resources for Consultants: What They Are and Real Examples of How to Use Them
·         Directing Indexing Efforts in Your Stake and Wards
The Family History Expo will be held August 27–28, 2010, at the South Towne Expo Center, 9575 South State Street, Sandy, Utah. The public is welcome in the exhibit area, and all who hold a family history calling, either at the stake or ward level, are welcome to attend any or all of the free training courses on Saturday, August 28.
Besides the free courses offered, over 100 additional classes will be presented by more than 30 national and local speakers as well as staff from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. With classes ranging from beginner to advanced topics, there is something for everyone. Many classes are dedicated to the latest techniques and technologies being used in genealogical research, as well as the most up-to-date information about different cultures being studied. You can review the class schedule and find out the cost of attending the classes by visiting
In addition, exhibitors from throughout the U.S. will teach about the latest products and services available in the industry. FamilySearch affiliated software vendors will also be on site and happy to help you test their products “hands on” with (FamilySearch Family Tree). Some of the products and services showcased will include genealogy magazines, hardware, software, wall charts, various genealogical societies, and research services.
The Salt Lake City Family History Expo could also be a great opportunity for the ward members you are working with to learn more about finding their ancestors. You may want to share information about the expo with them.
All general questions about the expo should be directed to:
Family History
P.O. Box 187
Morgan, UT 84050
Phone: 1-801-829-3295
If you have specific questions regarding FamilySearch or consultant training classes offered at the expo, they should be directed to: 
Phone (U.S. and Canada; toll free): 1-866-406-1830                                                                                                                  
Phone (International): Go to for more toll-free phone numbers.
We hope this information is helpful to you. 
FamilySearch Support

Please do not use “Reply All” to respond to this message.
To change your contact information, reregister at: or
To remove your registration, send your request to: Please include your name, ward name, and stake name.
Invite others to register at: or

Friday, August 6, 2010

Teaching Classes? Need Some Help or Ideas?

In the past few weeks, I have had several people ask me where they can get ideas for teaching family history classes. I am not an expert in teaching (I leave that to my trainer husband!) but I have found a few websites that have been helpful to me. One of them is "Teaching Geneaology" by DearMYRTLE. This site can be found at Make sure that you go through all of the tabs listed on the left hand side of the page. I have followed DearMYRTLE  for a few years and I find her style very warm and helpful. I appreciate the latest technology as it allows me to expand my knowledge about various topics and never leave home! What a blessing! Another site that I like is the Ogden Regional FHC site. I like their information under the Learning How tab on the left hand side of their site. Their address is
I have added these links under our Education tab. We have quite a list going now. There are so many places to get information. I would love to hear if anyone out there has favorite family history education sites that they would like to share!
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