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Mt. Timpanogos Temple, photo by Rick Satterfield, used with permission

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Cool Things from continues to introduce new features that make family history come alive. Although I am one of those people who loves names, dates, and places, I can see how those things just don't excite everyone. However, adding photos and stories makes ancestors come alive! For the visual younger generation like my kids, this may be the way to interest them.

The newest feature that has just been introduced in the past few days involves the seeing at a glance the photos that you have added AND the photos that others have contributed that tie into your family line.

I didn't contribute any of the above pictures, but they all tie into families that connect to me. If you click on the tab that says "Find photos of your ancestors," this is what you get.

See the new filter option? There are 49 tagged people. You can use the drop down arrow to select different options. As you can see, I have contributed 7 of the total 49 photos. Thanks to those who contributed! Photos do make a difference! Also notice that you can print out a PDF (top right hand corner) of the thumbnails of the photos. Multiple uses for that!

When you click on the yellow sash on each picture, it takes you to the photos of that particular person PLUS stories about that person. It is so cool to see the photos and stories married together in one click!

Just when I decided to write this post, the stories and photos are a little unstable and aren't showing at the moment. I guess that is to be expected as new features release...I will add the next screenshot photos as soon as things settle down and I can catch the screenshot. Just know that this feature is here!

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