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Mt. Timpanogos Temple, photo by Rick Satterfield, used with permission

Friday, March 8, 2013

What to Do With Those All those Pictures?

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You know that you have them! Zillions of them! What to do with them? Of course, I'm talking about family pictures. Well, since FamilySearch Family Tree is now open to the general public, why don't you spread your wealth. Upload your ancestor pictures to Family Tree so that the rest of the world can see those pictures that you have been hoarding! Besides, you may meet some relatives that you didn't even know you had! All well and good you say, but you don't know how to digitize pictures? For an excellent article on this very subject go to one of my favorite bloggers, James Tanner (Genealogy's Star), and read as he walks you through the process! Happy scanning!

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