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Friday, December 17, 2010

New Features in the New FamilySearch Website!

New Features as of December 2010

The December 2010 release has many improvements. Among these are the ability to watch individuals,
receive e-mail notifications when changes occur, and some temple-related changes.

Receive E-mail Notifications for Changes

You can now “watch” individuals in your family tree and receive an e-mail notification when information
about them changes.
For now, the notification identifies the following types of changes:
• Someone changes the individual’s summary.
• Someone starts a new discussion or adds a comment to an existing discussion.
• Someone combines an individual that you are watching with another record.
• Someone separates a record from an individual that you are watching.
The notification e-mail will eventually list more types of changes.

Select the Individuals in a Family Whose Ordinances You Want to Do

When you reserve the ordinances for a family, you can now deselect any family member whose ordinances
you do not want to do.

Reserve Ordinances for Someone Born in the Last 95 Years

If you try to reserve ordinances for someone who was born in the last 95 years, the system now asks whether
you are the closest living relative or have permission from the closest living relative to do the ordinances.
Note: The closest living relatives are, in this order:
• An undivorced spouse. (The spouse to whom the individual was married when he or she died.)
• An adult child.
• A parent.
• A brother or sister.
If you need to obtain permission to do ordinances, verbal approval is acceptable. Family members should
work together to determine when the ordinances will be done and who will do them.
Please honor the wishes of the closest living relative. Doing ordinances against those wishes can cause hard
feelings within families and towards the Church.

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